Halloween Spider Decoration


Here’s a quick way to scare up your garden for Halloween using the plant known as Old Man’s Beard or Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides).


  • 2x bundles of Old Man’s Beard
  • cardboard and paper
  • glue
  • string


  • scissors


1. Print off the spider template from the Additional Info section at the bottom of the page.

2. Cut out the spider and glue it onto the cardboard.  This will give it enough stiffness so it hold it’s shape when hanging.

3. Place the Old Man’s Beard in a tree or shrub, over your front door or anywhere that you want to dress up.

4. Then use the string to tie the spider in amongst the Old Man’s Beard so it looks like it’s hanging in a spiders web.

If you have lots of Old Man’s Beard then print off extra spiders at different sizes and hang them as a collection.  Very creepy!