Macrame Plant Hanger


Here’s a cheap and and easy way to add more plants to your indoor space with a macrame plant hanger.  A bit of string, some recycled glass jars and a few plant cuttings is all you need.

Our hanger requires only one type of knot and is a simple design. So you don’t need to be a macrame expert to have success with this project. It’s so easy even the kids can do it.

Materials Needed

  • string or twine (we used coloured jute string that was 3 ply)

  • empty glass jars

  • plant cuttings

Getting Started

1. Cut four lengths of twine 2m long.

2. Group the strands together and fold in half.  Tie a knot at the fold to create a loop that you’ll use to hang the macrame hanger when finished. You will now have eight strands joined by the loop at the top.

Just loop the strands through each other and pull tight to form the basic knot. Simple!

3. Divide the strands into 4 pairs and knot each pair 40cm from the top.

Looped knot forming the hook

Separate the strands into 4 pairs

Knot each pair together

4. Space the four strands equidistant around the lip of the jar and use sticky tape to hold them in place just at the knot.

5. Next separate a single strand from a pair and knot it with another separated strand from a different pair about 4-5cm down the jar. Work your way around the jar until all the strands have been separated and re-knotted.  Tape them in place.

6. Repeat this step of separating the strands and knotting with their neighbouring strands to create the fishnet pattern.  The last row of knots should sit near the bottom of the jar.

7. Draw all the strands together under the base of the jar and tie into one very tight knot.

Tape the first knots to the lip of the jar

Tie rows of knots part way down the jar

Knot all the strands together under the jar

8. The remaining lengths of string can be cut shorter or left to hang loose.  If you have some small beads you could thread those on the ends as another way to finish it off.

9. Remove the pieces of sticky tape from the jar and it’s ready to be hung somewhere.

10.  Fill the jar with water and insert your cuttings.  Roots will form fairly quickly and all you need to do is top up the water from time to time.  Too easy!

Plant Choices
We used common ivy, devils ivy (pothos) and zebra wandering jew because they provided interesting colour and leaf contrast plus they’re very easy to grow.

Many other plants will take root in water as well so have a bit of fun trialling your favourite plants. Alternatively you could even use the macrame hangers as vases!

Devil’s ivy quickly grows roots and new shoots

Devil’s ivy quickly grows roots and new shoots