Sweet Potato Crazy Vine


Want to turn your indoors into a lush jungle? Well here’s your chance by growing a sweet potato crazy vine. In no time at all you’ll have tendrils climbing their way over EVERYTHING!

Sweet potato crazy vine ready to take over

Getting Started
1. Buy a sweet potato tuber from the supermarket.  Make sure you pick one which feels firm and doesn’t have any damaged parts.

2. Select a water tight container.  Try to pick something which has a heavy bottom so it doesn’t tip over as the vine grows.

3. Place the sweet potato tuber into the container with the pointy end facing downwards. If you’ve selected a very deep container make sure that the top third of the tuber will be above the water. You can push 3-4 toothpicks into the sides of the tuber to hold it higher up if needs be.

4. Choose a spot to place your sweet potato. It will grow pretty much anywhere but the more light you give it the crazier it will grow.

5. Fill with water and wait. In a week or two you’ll see roots emerging from the bottom and little shoots from the top.

6. Keep topping up the water so it doesn’t dry out as the tendrils really start to grow.

7. You can train the tendrils to climb in certain directions or just let them go totally WILD!

Sweet potato starting to shoot

Sweet potato starting to shoot