2015 Queensland Garden Expo

Posted On: 8/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

In July we returned to the Sunshine Coast to exhibit at the 2015 Queensland Garden Expo. As always we set up in the Giant Kitchen Garden section and braced ourselves for the onslaught of visitors!

Below are a few of the things which caught our eye as well as pics of our favourite garden personalities which stopped by for a catch up chat:

Giant bees, ladybeetles and gerbera flowers!

Annette McFarlane catching up with Steve Falcioni

Display garden by Dan’s Paradise Landscapes

Colourful vireya rhododendrons are easy to grow in warm climates

The unusual ant plant (Myrmecodia platyrea) where ants build a nest in the swollen base

Impossible to miss stilt walker!

Cute succulent pig planter

Our Organic Starter Pack was a big hit with novice gardeners

Living stones (Lithops) are unusual succulents

Jerry Coleby-Williams and Steve Falcioni chatting at the QLD HMA Plant Clinic

A lovely variegated ornamental ginger (Alpinia formosana)

Camellia blooms in float trays highlighting the enormous choice we have

Part of the edible display in the Giant Kitchen Garden

It was impossible to miss this display of bougainvilleas

Just loved the lime green new growth on this unusual bromeliad

More cool bromeliads!

The desert rose (Adenium) produces knockout flowers

Quirky bird sculpture

These animal sculptures were cute and cheeky all at once

Great display by Natalia and Duncan from Broadcroft Design

The tuberous begonia display was very charming

Display garden by Waterscapes

Display garden by iLandscapes

Graham Ross interviewing Steve Falcioni on 4BC and 2GB radio early Saturday morning

Horticultural Media Association mates catching up: Claire Bickle, Matt Carroll (Hortiman), Steve Falcioni and Angus Stewart

Welcome to the Giant Kitchen Garden

Costa, in his pink t-shirt and overalls, wowing the crowds