2018 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Posted On: 4/16/2018 12:00:00 AM

The 2018 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show was another roaring success for us. Loads of familiar faces returning to our stand as well as plenty of new people curious about how to garden without harming bees. It was great to see everyone and talk organic gardening.

Following are a few pics we managed to take during the event. Click on them to make them larger. Enjoy 🙂

Our eco stand was as colourful as ever!

‘Finding your Place’ by Christian Jenkins

Gold Medal winning ‘Australian Case Study Garden’ show garden

Country Farm Perennials had some fun with their old jeans

Enticing rose display by Bloom College Flower School

‘Inspired by Time’ garden picked up a Gold Medal

Unbelievably cute succulent logs from Vertical Walls

‘Unity Garden’ stood out with it’s different garden concept

The blood lilies in the Unity Garden were a complete knockout!

Winning a Silver Medal was the ‘Living Garden’ display garden

Sophie Thomson and Steve Falcioni catchup to talk all things bees

Floral Architecture picked up a Bronze Medal for their surfie inspired design

Enormous floral paper scultpures by Mel Niazkhani

Eye-catching display inspired by the movie Avatar by Collectors Corner

The Collectors Corner display was filled with unusual bromeliads and succulents

Grow microherbs with a windowsill kit by the Urban Green Company

The golden lotus banana plant on display but not yet released in Australia

Rusted steel ornaments were still very popular at the show

The Tree and Shrub Growers Victoria garden collected a Bronze Medal

More of the garden by the Tree and Shrub Growers Victoria

Interesting ruffled tulip from Tesselaar Bulbs called ‘Queensland’

The rare and unusual Boophone haemanthoides bulb from South Africa

Fantastic pumpkin display at the Diggers Club

‘L’Orbe du Plantes’ picked up 3rd place in the Boutique Gardens category

Steve Falcioni catching up with Angus Stewart

‘Harmony’ by Aquascape Supplies won a Bronze Medal

The unusual yellow gloriosa lily sold out quickly

‘Breathing the Studio’ by Bonnie Thexton

Unusual dahlia called ‘Christie Starlet’

Cute metal sculpture by Overwrought

Botanical flavoured non-alcohol spirits from Seedlip were very refreshing

The soothing greens of ‘Square 1’ show garden by Candeo Design

Incredible creativity with the floral mannequins

The Exhibition Building was filled with impressive floral displays

Spotted these quirky garden themed shoes by Backdoor Shoes

‘Wonder Wall’ by Sarah Jardine picked up an Excellence Award, Best of Use Plant Life and a 1st place in the Achievable Gardens section

The Flamingo Hotel by Biophilia Collective picked up a Gold Medal for its unmissable nod to the 70s and indoor plants

‘Reused and Adored’ by Nicole Taylor

‘State of Wonder’ by Seam Lam

A Silver Medal was awarded to this earthy design by Box Hill Institute Floristry

‘Patina Garden’ picked up 1st place in the Boutique Gardens category

‘Welcome to Wonderland’ by Christina Dinakis

‘Naturalising Edna’ by Elinor Beard

‘Grow Together’ by Ben Hutchinson Landscapes included a kid’s fort at the back!

Moss Industry Florist collected a Bronze Medal for this striking display