2018 QLD Garden Expo

Posted On: 7/31/2018 12:00:00 AM

Warm sunny days and over 40,000 happy gardeners – that sums up the 2018 QLD Garden Expo! This show is always a highlight in our calendars and a fantastic opportunity to see warm climate plants. Enjoy the pics we took over the three days and remember to click on them to make them larger.

Unmissable string of pearls display by Award Plants

Ladybeetles come in all shapes and sizes in QLD

Cheerful flowers of Osteospermum ‘Blue Eyes’

Vanda orchids with their incredible hanging roots

The amazing structure of Crassula ‘Red Pagoda’

Stylish wooden hanger by the team at Red Peg Laser

Bee sculptures by Broadcroft Design

Super bee hotel by Broadcroft Design

Eye-catching stilt walkers

Coir totem poles from Aussie Environment are perfect from bromeliads

Bromeliads to drool over from Brisbane Bromeliad Centre

Just loved these weird pickle plants (Senecio stapeliiformis )

Oncidium Tiger Crow ‘Golden Girl’

Succulent desk by Australian Plants Online

Are carnations making a comeback?

Prize winning display garden by Stone Age Creations

Handpainted pots by Stone and Canvas Portraits

These water chestnut corms are ready to be planted

Handcrafted wooden hangers from Wood Sky Sage

Display garden by Regenerative Designs Australia

Aloe ‘Winter Bells’ is perfect for small spaces as it only grows to 20cm high

Team OCP ready for the show!

Frida even made an appearance

The contemporary display garden by Living Style Landscapes

Steve Falcioni with gardening legends Noel Burdette and Costa Georgiadis