All About Roses

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Diana Sargeant has been growing roses for over 30 years and has finally found time to put her wealth of knowledge into this delightful book.  Now in its second edition, this is a great intro book if you’ve always wanted to grow roses but never quite dared.  Diana provides plenty of tips on how to get them thriving using her commonsense approach and without the need for nasty chemicals.


  • Part 1: About Roses
  • Part 2: Which Rose for My Garden?
  • Part 3: Cultural Notes for Roses
  • Part 4: Healthy Roses Organically, Naturally
  • Contains over 140 photos spread across 159 pages
  • Soft cover

By the way Diana, along with husband Graham, runs Rose Sales Online in Victoria where you can buy their organically grown roses in person or via mail order. They’ve been using our products for years and just love the results.

Full of beautiful images

Full of beautiful images

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