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eco-seaweed is a Registered Organic seaweed extract that’s 100% soluble and stimulates a range of beneficial actions including: reduced transplant shock, improved health and vigor, reduced incidence of disease,  improved drought tolerance and more.  So concentrated you only  need a teaspoon in a 9 litre watering can!


  • 100% seaweed extract containing Ascophyllum nodosum – the most researched seaweed in the world
  • contains over 60 vital nutrients including 12% potassium
  • 100% seaweed extract
  • no nasty preservatives or dilutants
  • stimulates strong healthy plant growth
  • encourages root development and minimises transplant shock
  • enhances plants ability to cope with various stresses including drought, salty soils and the cold
  • extremely concentrated (100gm will treat 1,000 square metres)
  • powdered format makes it light and compact
  • 100% soluble – no clogging of spray heads or watering can rosettes
  • apply as a foliar spray or water into the soil
  • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
  • excellent when partnered with eco-aminogro 
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100% seaweed extract containing Ascophyllum nodosum
Dry matter 95% (moisture 5%)
Organic matter 45-50%
Ash 45-55%
Nitrogen (N) 1%
Phosphorus (P) 0.1%
Potassium (K) 12%
Amino acids 6%
Plant Growth Regulators: 600ppm made up of Cytokinins, Auxins, Gibberellins and Betaines
Plus Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Sulphur, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Boron and other trace elements

Click below to download the product label:
eco-seaweed 600g label
eco-seaweed 100g label

Click below to download the Safety Data Sheet (formerly MSDS):

eco-seaweed SDS