eco-flo gypsum

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This product is no longer available in our home garden range but larger sizes can still be purchased from our commercial website. Please note the commercial formulation is slightly different.

eco-flo gypsum is a new generation of liquid gypsum that’s super concentrated and super effective. Enriched with biochar eco-flo gypsum is the perfect claybreaker and improver of soil structure. It also reduces sodium (salt) levels and boosts calcium and sulphur levels in your soil.


  • Extremely concentrated (2L hose-on = to 80kg of powdered gypsum)
  • Fast acting due to the very small particle sizes
  • Effective claybreaker
  • Reduces sodium (salt) build-up from grey water use and saltwater pool splash
  • Doesn’t alter soil pH
  • With added biochar to help improve soil fertility and structure
  • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)

Active Ingredients:
15% w/v Calcium
12% w/v Sulphur
7% w/v Carbon
Plus biochar

Click below to download the product label:
eco-flo gypsum 500ml label
eco-flo gypsum 2L hose-on label

Click below to download the Safety Data Sheet (formerly MSDS):
eco-flo gypsum SDS