Returns Policy

Please find below information on our Returns Policy:

Change of Mind
If you have purchased a product directly from us (eg via our website or at a garden show) then please be advised we do not accept product returns if you have changed your mind.

If purchased through a retailer (eg nursery or hardware store) then please contact the store directly and ask them about their Returns Policy.

Unhappy with the Product Performance
If you have used a product and feel that it didn’t work please get in touch. It is particularly important if you can supply the product batch number (printed on the bottle) and be able to explain exactly how the product was used. With this information we’ll then be able to work out what has happened.

A product replacement or refund can be arranged when:

  • we have confirmed the product was used correctly but did not perform as intended, and
  • the product was purchased directly from us (proof of purchase will be required).

If you purchased from a store then you will need to seek a refund or replacement through them. If we have worked out that product was faulty we can confirm with the retailer to facilitate your replacement or refund.

In addition Australian Consumer Law entitles you to certain rights when it comes to refunds and replacements which we abide by. If you have any other questions regarding a refund or replacement please feel free to contact us.