eco-seaweed just got bigger!

Posted On: 9/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

Drum roll please….We are super excited to announce the arrival of the 600g pack size of eco-seaweed.  Ta-dah!

It seems that once someone learns about the magic of our powdered seaweed extract they just can’t get enough.  We’ve had so many requests for a bigger size that we put on our thinking caps and developed the 600g pack.  The new pack features the following:

  • 600g of the worlds best and most concentrated seaweed tonic
  • contains over 60 vital nutrients including 16% potassium
  • treats up to 6,000 square metres (seriously)
  • new screw top lid to make it easier to open and close
  • includes a spoon (yes finally)

The 600g jar is making it’s way into stores over the coming weeks, including Bunnings, but if you just can’t wait then order now from our online store.  You and your plants will love it.