eco-flo lime

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eco-flo lime is a new generation of liquid lime that’s super concentrated and super effective. Enriched with biochar eco-flo lime is perfect for rapidly correcting acidic soils and boosting calcium levels in your soil.


  • Extremely concentrated (2L hose-on = to 80kg of powdered lime)
  • Fast acting due to the very small particle sizes
  • Rapidly corrects acid soils caused by existing soil chemistry and artificial fertilisers
  • Adds calcium to the soil for healthy plant growth and fruit production
  • With added biochar to help improve soil fertility and structure
  • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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Active Ingredients:
23% w/v Calcium
8% w/v Carbon
Plus biochar

Click below to download the product label:
eco-flo lime 500ml label
eco-flo lime 2L hose-on label

Click below to download the Safety Data Sheet (formerly MSDS):
eco-flo lime SDS