Herb Pots


Herb pots are one of the easiest gardening projects and are suitable for kids and adults alike. They also make great presents for friends and family and last for months and months.

Materials Needed

  • selection of potted herbs (see note at the bottom on herb selection)
  • a large pot
  • premium quality organic potting mix
  • sugarcane mulch
  • eco-seaweed

Getting Started

1. Visit the nursery and select your herbs.  Pick healthy looking plants which aren’t overgrown. If they have LOTS of growth relative to the size of their pot then they’ll probably be “pot bound” and their roots will be a tangled mess.  This restricts future growth so avoid these plants.

2. Water the herbs with a solution of eco-seaweed and allow them to drain.  This will reduce transplant shock and ensure the root ball is fully moist.

3. Fill the pot with potting mix and then plant your herbs.  How many you can fit will depend on the pot size but 3-4 is usually about right.

4. Water in with the eco-seaweed solution and top with mulch.

Ongoing Care

As you’ll be picking the herbs regularly we recommend fertilising fortnightly with eco-seaweed and eco-aminogro to encourage plenty of new growth.

Regular picking will not only give you herbs for the kitchen but keep the plants compact and vigorous and extend the overall life of the herb pot.  At some stage however the plants will either die (if they’re annuals like basil), out grow the pot or just get “past it”.  When this happens refresh the pot with new herbs and start again.  Simple really.

Herb Selection
We recommend grouping herbs with similar moisture needs together in the same pot.  So water loving herbs like basil, coriander, mint and parsley work well together.  Other herbs like rosemarythymesage and oregano prefer being kept drier and should be planted together.

Moisture loving herbs on the left (basil, mint and parsley) and dry loving herbs on the right (oregano, rosemary and sage).

Herb pot supplies

Herb pot supplies

Potting up the herbs

Potting up the herbs

Sage with sugarcane mulch

Sage with sugarcane mulch